Regional Transport Strategy

HITRANS Regional Transport Strategy was approved by Scottish Ministers in July 2008.  It covers a 14 year period. The Strategy is currently being refreshed and a Main Issues Report Consultation is underway with the document available for download at HITRANS also produces an annual Business Plan showing how the RTS is being promoted and implemented on an ongoing basis.

The Strategy

The Strategy has as its vision enhancing the area's viability - enhancing its place competitiveness and thereby attracting and retaining people in the area and making it a more attractive place in which to live, to work, to conduct business and to visit.

This vision will be achieved through improving the interconnectivity of the whole area to strategic services and destinations. This will require development of a fit for purpose, multi-modal transport system.
The Strategy's principal benefit to the communities and businesses of the HITRANS area will be to increase sustainable economic growth, in line with Scottish Government's Economic Strategy, by enabling the area to compete and support growth. The other benefits will be to:

  • Enable people to participate in everyday life.
  • Improve the safety and security of travel.
  • Manage the impacts of travel on the area's environmental assets.
  • Improve people's health.

Actions and investment to deliver the Strategy will be focused on the following:

  • Active travel.
  • Aviation and the air network.
  • Community and health passenger transport.
  • Congestion and urban issues.
  • Freight transport.
  • Locally significant network and maintenance of the area's roads.
  • Mainstream passenger transport.
  • Ports, ferries and waterway transport.
  • Cost of transport and travel.
  • Environmental impacts.