The START Project

Seamless Travel Across Atlantic Area Regions or START for short is a transnational project relevant to cities and regions throughout the Atlantic Area and the whole of Europe.

It deals with the broad issue of the improvement of accessibility and internal links (Priority 1) by promoting interoperability and continuity of existing transport networks, and sea/road/rail/air intermodality. This is critical to the success of regional and national sustainable development policies and is one of the key supporting pillars underpinning the European Spatial Development Perspective.

The convenience of travelling around the Atlantic Area using sustainable modes of transport is made difficult by differences in how the services are run by operators (e.g. ticket types), lack of knowledge of the local area (e.g. knowing when to get off the service), and language barriers (e.g. not being able to communicate with the driver).


HITRANS has secured funding of €789,164 through our participation in START.

This funding is allowing HITRANS to implement a wide range of projects including:

Improving bus services

  • Real Time Bus Information Systems.
  • Electronic Customer Information Systems at Airports.
  • Electronic Customer Information Systems at Ferry Terminals.
  • Support of the Cearcaill na Gaihlig (Gaelic Rings) Project.
  • Development of Smart Phone Apps for Travel Information.